Ludi Societatis 2758
Welcome to our entertainment part! Here you can find all information you want about the Ludi Societatis, our very own (virtual, sadly) form of chariot racing. Here you'll find an overview of our different factiones, players, and rules. For more information about the historical ludi circenses, please click here.

Our calendar for 2758: Factio Russata scores! Winner is Callidus, with Maximus also gaining some points. Great losers are Albata and Purpurea. Surely an exciting start of the racing season...
  • March 31 : Ludi Latini
  • April 21 : Ludi Conditionis Romae
  • June 1 : Ludi Diei Natalis
  • July 18 : Ludi Appolinares
  • September 10-15 : Ludi Romani

  • November 17-18 : Ludi Plebeii

  • December 23-26 : Ludi Solis Invicti

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Factio Albata
(6 victories, champion of 2757)
Factio Albata, or the whites, were one of the oldest teams in ancient Rome and probably referred to the winter as a season. However, they were usually not the strongest. Can their SVR heirs bring Albata back to its former glory and even surpass it?



Champion of 2756 and 2757 (optima auriga MMDCCLVI/VII)

Owner: Gnaeus Dionysius Draco Invictus
Chariot: Fulmen Draconis
Victories: 3


Owner: Lucia Dionysia Veneta
Chariot: Flora Mortis
Victories: 3
Factio Aurata
(1 victory)
Factio Aurata only had a brief existence, during the reign of emperor Domitianus (81-96) and appears never to have been very popular, possibly because it was sponsered by an impopular emperor. Perhaps SVR's heir can cleanse its reputation and grow out to be the most popular?


Publius Decius Robur

Owner: Quintus Pomponius Atticus
Chariot: Quadriga Ignis
Victories: 0


Owner: Publius Dionysius Mus
Chariot: Gallia Victrix
Victories: 0


Owner: Aulus Dionysius Mencius
Chariot: Infernerator
Victories: 1
Factio Praesina
(0 victories)
Back in the old days, Factio Praesina referred to the spring as one of the four seasons. Throughout Rome's history, both republican and imperial, the green faction was usually the strongest and most popular. SVR's greens have a heavy legacy to live up to!



Owner: Quintus Claudius Locatus
Chariot: the Elephant
Victories: 0


Owner: Tiberius Coruncanius
Chariot: Res Publica
Victories: 0


Owner: Quintus Servilius Fidenas
Chariot: Praedator
Victories: 0
Factio Purpurea
(8 victories)
Like Aurata, the golden faction, the Purpurea or purple faction was created by emperor Domitianus and was, perhaps even more than Aurata, identified with the imperial powers. Can the new Purpurea boost their reputation and show us they're here to stay?



Owner: Marcus Horatius Piscinus
Chariot: Celeres
Victories: 6

Rufus Pavor

Owner: Lucius Moravius Tarquinius
Chariot: Pugnus Martius
Victories: 2
Factio Russata
(3 victories)
Factio Russata, or the reds, refer to the heat of the summer. They were probably one of the oldest factions together with Albata, but appear never to have been one of the greatest yet ever and always present. Will this change, here in SVR? Who knows!



Owner: Tiberius Dionysius Draco
Chariot: Centaurus
Victories: 2


Owner: Primus Aurelius Tergestus
Chariot: Celetior
Victories: 2
Factio Veneta
(0 victories)
In ancient Rome, factio Veneta, the blues, referred to autumn. The blues were the sworn enemies of the greens, although latter faction was more popular with the people. Perhaps Veneta can finally take revenge in SVR and rise to number one position?



Owner: Marcus Pomponius Lupus
Chariot: Aquila
Victories: 0


Owner: Tarquinius Dionysius Draco
Chariot: Aquila
Victories: 0

Juba Bane

Owner: Marcus Scribonius Curio Agelastus
Chariot: Aenglish Wildfire
Victories: 0

* In order to gamble, you must have reached the legal age to wear the toga virilis (or, in case of the ladies, be old enough to participate in the Lupercalia)
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