MVSICA ROMANA launches new CD

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MVSICA ROMANA launches new CD

Postby Cleopatra Aelia on Wed Apr 25, 2007 10:15 am

Avete Amici,

I have a friend who plays in a Roman music group. Since she's a music archaeologist she knows what she is talking about and I really envy her work she's doing in that field. So I copy a post of hers from Roman Army Talk here, maybe one of you guys has an idea for distribution in the USA:

Ok, four tracks for prelistening:

I choosed various, but the CD will contain much more and different stuff.

Even music for Gladiator Fights.

Also original music pieces from Antiquity, because in Antiquity there had been a Notation:
1st track: Hymn Helios (2nd cent. by Mesomedes, favourite compositeur of Emperor Hadrian). With Cornu and Water-Organ (Hydraulis) first, like it was common in the Arena.
2nd track: Our Water-Organ and Aulos
3rd track: Kithara and Bootharp (Sambuca) in ancient tuning with polyrhytmics and not just pling-a-plong
4th track: Ancient Flute on an ancient party

It will contain around 23 tracks and app. 55 Min. in playingtime.

Orders to preorder (et)
15,- Euro instead of 18,- Euro (will be the later price) add sending costs:
2,- Euro inside Germany and 5,- Euro for whole Europe.

We are searching for traders worldwide for reselling, especially for US!
Contact also:
preorder (et)
You would help to make them availible worldwide for cheap shipping-costs.

By the way: there are several companies that sale mp3s of us...we never ever gave our permission, they do that illegal!
It would help us to prevend our work, if you would buy the real album.
Thank you!

Cleopatra Aelia
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