Ancient Worlds?

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Ancient Worlds?

Postby Marcus Lupinius Paulus on Sat Mar 07, 2009 3:43 am

Is Ancient Worlds still visited by anyone here?

I remember the old Ancient Sites, and playing SPQR on the PC.

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Marcus Lupinius Paulus
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Re: Ancient Worlds?

Postby Aldus Marius on Sat Mar 07, 2009 7:41 am

Salve, mi Paule!

I stick my head in there whenever it occurs to me. Unfortunately, that isn't more than two or three times a year. Not the site's fault; it's still as big and sprawling and varied and wonderful as it ever was, and the people are just as friendly. I'd be a more frequent visitor, but...who's got the time?

AW is one of my keener regrets in my online Roman life. I could, and I'd love to, completely immerse myself in it, catch up with old acquaintances and make new ones, get back into the Vesuvius discussions and RP, even round up the Wolves of AS if they haven't found each other already. It's when thinking of things like these that I realize just how thinly-spread I've become. UNRV (United Nations Roma Victrix) has a spendid Board, and I'd sign up for it in a heartbeat, but I'm afraid I'd just become some other admin's Inactive Member. I can't be everywhere. And I can't really be *anywhere* else that offers or requires the level of involvement I have here. I've tried to juggle these things, and ended up with most of them slipping out of my hands. Maybe if I were a better time-manager; maybe if it didn't take me an hour to type up a decent-length post; maybe if I could actually multitask... Vae, amici, the things I've had to leave by the wayside; the things I miss.

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Aldus Marius Peregrinus.
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