Ludi Diei Natalis

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Ludi Diei Natalis

Postby Gnaeus Dionysius Draco on Sat May 03, 2003 4:44 pm

Salvete Romani,

June 1 we have the LDN to celebrate that SVR will become 2 years old!

For those of you who haven't yet competed in our Ludi, please consider subscribing! Information can be found on the site, either linked through the main page (click Ludi Societatis) or linked through the pages of this Collegium.

Changes of tactics should also be reported either here in public, through pm or through e-mail to one of the two Aediles (so, me or Tarquinius). Also, Piscine, don't forget that you can spend an extra point on your statistics since you won the Ludi Conditionis... ;).

So... will factio Purpurea amaze everyone and win yet again? Will factio Aurata revive itself and make a come-back? Or perhaps factio Veneta and Praesina wille continue their rise in the ranks? Not to mention the ever-present Albata and Russata...

Valete bene!
Gn. Dionysius Draco Invictus
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