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Ludi Primi

Postby Gnaeus Dionysius Draco on Wed Mar 17, 2004 10:32 pm

First off, our apologies that the Ludi Primi have begun 16 days later than projected. But the circus had to be rebuilt, political adversaries' corpses cleanly processed into the walls and the dried blood had to be wiped from the spina.

But we can start again now!


GROUP I (Morgareth, Myrtilos, Juba Bane, Caesar)

Hmm, this first quarter is a bit of an odd race, no? Three Blues and one Golden pitted against each other. Morgareth has already won one race in 2756 and looks very confident. As for the blues, it doesn't really matter much, one of them will pass into the semis anyway but if they can eliminate Morgareth, two might pass! We'll see. They start off as expected, with Juba Bane decesively in last position. We wonder, actually, why he races anymore since he clearly has no chance of ever winning. With Juba Bane too slow and Caesar too focused on not losing too much ground, Morgareth can safely become first and keep that position until the end of the race. It's a tight race between Caesar and Myrtilos for second but eventually it's Caesar who comes second! However, Myrtilos will also pass into the semis, but as to the reasons why, we'll see that in a moment…

1. Morgareth
2. Caesar
3. Myrtilos
4. Juba Bane

GROUP II (Phaethoon, Pericolosus, Callidus, Indutiomarus)

These quarters promise to be exciting, with ever-unlucky Indutiomarus, the great Callidus and Pericolosus, who has made many heads turn with his astonishing victory in the previous ludi. Will he be able to fulfill the high expectations? Then, as potential outsider there's Phaethoon. All in all, two Reds, one Golden and one White. Off they go! Callidus and Indutiomarus jointly take the lead. The circus cheers loudly; definitely these have become crowd pleasers. Phaethoon, with his infamous flaming whip, doesn't have much work to do: his rivals are so fast that he is condemned to the last position from the very start. And then, in the last three rounds, the inevitable takes place; Pericolosus speeds up dramatically and first pushes Indutiomarus against the spina, and then makes Callidus suffer the same fate in the last round. The public, except for the Albata fans, is silent with utter disappointment…

1. Pericolosus
2. Phaethoon
3. Callidus was introduced to the spina
4. Indutiomarus inspected the spina from up close

GROUP III (Damnator, Maximus, Hannibal)

Everyone but the Greens and Purples are now represented in the semis, but these teams are yet to come. Hannibal has the chance to make his way into the semis for Praesina, but his opposition will be tough and unrelenting: former champions Damnator and Maximus await him! The way Damnator takes a kick start however, shows that he's learned much from his teammate Pericolosus. It's almost the same technique! The fans from other teams are, again, flabbergasted. Last year, Romulus was the ultimate speed demon but times have changed. Factio Albata is now moving across the tracks like a white blur. Meanwhile it's up to Maximus and Hannibal to struggle for the second place. Their struggle is intense: Hannibal nearly collides with the spina but right in his tracks, Maximus and his "Centaurus" have less luck and the chariot breaks in two against the marble column. The Reds are disappointed to see so much potential going lost against the spina but the Greens are relieved. Hannibal passes into the semis!

1. Damnator
2. Hannibal
3. Maximus crashed against the spina

GROUP IV (Romulus, Bibax, PD Robur, Victorinus)

Up until now the quarters have had their usual share of violence, but nothing could prepare the crowd and fans for this quarter! Romulus of Purpurea and Robur of Aurata start out as favourites, and although initially that easy prediction seems to come true, tragedy strikes as Bibax, who once again zig-zags across the racing track and has no clue of how to steer his chariot, lashes out at the divine Romulus, immediately taking the five-fold champion out. That it should come to this: one of the worst charioteers beating one of the best! Even the Albata fans cringe with a certain sense of shame. Bibax has clearly learned nothing from Pericolosus's and Damnator's ruthless efficiency. But the games must go on. Publius Decius Robur takes the lead. Victorinus and his "Res Publica", however, pick the wrong time to race past Bibax. The drunkard barges into the "Res Publica", sending it against the walls. The Greens and Purples are only partially satisfied when they see Bibax then drift off against the spina, leaving PD Robur as only circulating chariot and thus winner of the fourth quarter. This also enables the best third of the quarters, Myrtilos, to go into the semis.

1. PD Robur
2. Bibax hugged the spina
3. Victorinus smeared himself against the walls
4. Romulus was taken out by a by-flying whip

Go into the semis: Morgareth, PD Robur (Aurata); Caesar, Myrtilos (Veneta); Pericolosus, Damnator (Albata); Phaethoon (Russata); Hannibal (Praesina).
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Postby Gnaeus Dionysius Draco on Thu Mar 18, 2004 3:55 pm


GROUP I (Morgareth, Myrtilos, Damnator, PD Robur)

It's been a long time since Myrtilos has seen a semi. In fact it's been a long time since factio Veneta has seen a semi but it feels good. The Veneta fans have gathered in full strength but they realise that Myrtilos has had a good share of luck. The Blues are outnumbered by the Aurata fans, who have come in great numbers to support their two charioteers, Robur and Morgareth. Of course, there is also the ever-present Damnator, still reigning champion and possibly the most feared charioteer on the tracks.

As they go, immediately Damnator confirms his reputation: the White fans cheer loudly and meanly as the "Fulmen Draconis" crushes the "Aquila" of Myrtilos against the walls in the first straight line. The Veneta fans are angered but they know that Caesar is still in the second semi, so they leave the circus and hope for the best. Now it's down between Damnator and the two Aureii. Both of them try hard. Publius Decius Robur squeezes everything out of his "Quadriga Ignis" but his span can't match the incredible speeds of the "Fulmen Draconis", which really seems to be a well-chosen name now. Morgareth tries too hard: in the seventh round he slams into the spina with a resonating crash that sends shivers down the collective Golden spine. Damnator grins upon hearing the impact and over-confidently finishes first, with Robur far behind.

1. Damnator
2. Publius Decius Robur
3. Morgareth met the spina
4. Myrtilos was pushed against the walls by Damnator

GROUP II (Phaethoon, Caesar, Hannibal, Pericolosus)

This second semi is a bit of an untraditional one, with wildcard Phaethoon and Caesar, who gathered zero points last year. The Russata fans are pleased to see Phaethoon defend their colours, with the more classic and perhaps better skilled Maximus and Callidus absent. Veneta is rejoicing in the presence of Caesar. His change of tactics has indeed been a good improvement, so it seems, and he's looking fit to take on the challenge. Even if his campaign ends here, it will be his best result yet. Hannibal and his "Elephant" are familiar uglies. Pericolosus embodies the hope of factio Albata to see two Whites advance into the finals.

And there they go! The "Elephant" has always had an infamously powerful acceleration but as they almost round the first bend, Caesar puts an end to it by using his whip. Hannibal screams in pain and anger and before going down, lashes back at Caesar. The "Tempestas" begins to zig-zag. And there, up until now unnoticed, Pericolosus heaps the final humiliation upon Caesar and factio Veneta by giving him a decisive push towards the spina. Caesar is unconscious, the "Tempestas" broken in shards and his span totally out of control. The rest of the race is very dull: the Greens and Blues leave the circus halfway. Pericolosus dominatly becomes first, followed by Phaethoon, who survived the races only because he was so slow.

1. Pericolosus
2. Phaethoon
3. Caesar lost control and crashed into the spina
4. Hannibal was too whipped up by Caesar


Go into the finals: Damnator, Pericolosus (Albata), Phaethoon (Russata), PD Robur (Aurata).
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Postby Gnaeus Dionysius Draco on Thu Mar 18, 2004 3:58 pm

FINALS (Damnator, PD Robur, Phaethoon, Pericolosus)

Hmm, so there is a final again with two Whites, as in the Carmentalia. Where last year was very exciting in the tight race between Romulus and Damnator and the four better factiones all had a decent chance of winning, if things continue the way they are now, Albata will continue to crush all other factiones and win before the year is over. But we mustn't be too prophetic, Publius Decius Robur still poses a threat and who knows Phaethoon might amaze us all and grasp factio Russata's second victory!

As the hooves of the horses begin to thunder down the tracks, the fans begin to cheer. Phaethoon makes a good effort to keep up with the rest, but it's clear from the start that he is unable maintain his pace and speed. The other three look like a trident: now PD Robur leads, then it's Pericolosus and then it's Damnator again. But as their breath-taking dance continues, it's the White twin that takes the lead more and more decisively. By the sixth round, Publius Decius Robur is already too far away to catch up with either of them. The Golden and Red fans can only hope for an accident now: the tactics of Damnator and Pericolosus are risky, everyone knows that. They don't have the fluid grace of Romulus but their aggressive, quick pace is unheard of. To the dismay of their opponents, factio Albata can celebrate an all-White victory: Pericolosus comes first, Damnator a very close second. It's a bright, white day… but a dark day for all other factiones.

1. Pericolosus
2. Damnator
3. PD Robur
4. Phaethoon


Damnator +19
Bibax +1
Pericolosus +24

PD Robur +15
Indutiomarus +0
Morgareth +5

Callidus +0
Maximus +0
Phaethoon +11

Hannibal +4
Victorinus +0

Myrtilos +1
Juba Bane +0
Caesar +2

Romulus +0


Site updates coming soon.
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