Ancient Coins in Education

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Ancient Coins in Education

Postby Aldus Marius on Thu Apr 05, 2007 6:13 pm

Salvete omnes!

Here's what one teacher, with the aid of one organization, is doing with all those stray circular bits of metal our spiritual ancestors left behind:

My 8th graders are involved with the ACE program (Ancient Coins for Education). In the third 9 weeks they identify their coin and write a short report about the history of the time (late Empire, usually Constantine's era). This 9 weeks they will choose and research some area of everyday life that their coin has touched. This could be almost anything, of course. Then they will produce a project, visual in some way, that illustrates and instructs the rest of the class about their topic. We have the classroom in the library reserved to display their projects, and the 7th grade class is invited to see the projects. The 7th graders vote on their favorites (they rate the top 3 projects). The top vote-getters will receive a "quiz pass" and coin prizes donated by the organization (again, a million thanks, ACE!). This has been a real hit.


Here's their Web site:

How cool is that?!? >({|:-D

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Postby Primus Aurelius Timavus on Fri Apr 06, 2007 2:57 am

What a great organization and great idea!
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