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Portable Professor CD-ROM History Series

Postby Quintus Servilius Priscus on Sat Aug 07, 2004 1:29 am


I found this series at Barne & Noble. There is a course called "To
Rule Mankind and Make the World Obey: A History of Ancient Rome".
Here is a summary of what it contains:

The influence of ancient Roman civilization on Western culture is
difficult to overestimate, especially as it affects nearly every
aspect of modern life from language to law, and from military conquest
to spectator sports. In this sweeping series of lectures,
award-winning professor Frances Titchener explores the many
accomplishments of ancient Rome and shows how the empire rose and
fell—as well as how it continues to live on today.


1. Introduction to Rome, Italy, and the Romans, 1200-753 BC
2. First There Were Kings, 753-510 BC
3. Internal Conflict: The Patrician and Plebeian Orders, 510-287 BC
4. Roman Expansion in Italy, 510-287 BC
5. The First Punic War and the Emergence of Individuals, 264-241 BC
6. Rome's Greatest Enemy: The Second and Third Punic Wars
7. Plantations and the Gracchi Brothers
8. The Rise of Marius Through African and Italian Wars, 128-83 BC
9. Strong Men Fight It Out, 123-53 BC
10. And Then There Was One: Julius Caesar, 53-44 BC
11. Augustus, the Father of His Country, 43 BC-AD 14
12. The Empire's First Century: Julio-Claudians and Flavians, AD 14-96
13. Gibbon's Golden Age and the Beginning of the End, AD 96-303
14. Constantine, Barbarians, and the Great Transformation, AD 303-476

A winner of numerous national and regional teaching awards, Frances B.
Titchener teaches Greek and Latin as well as courses on the history of
ancient Greece, Rome, and Celtic Europe at Utah State University.
Titchener earned her Ph.D. at the University of Texas at Austin and
was the recipient of a Fulbright grant in 2003. A prolific essayist,
she is also editor of the scholarly journal Ploutarchos.

It's on 8 CD's and is 8 hours long and costs $39.95. I am thinking
about buying it this weekend.
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Postby Aulus Dionysius Mencius on Sat Aug 07, 2004 9:21 am

Salve Lentule!

It looks like an interesting package to me...Might even check it out some time myself. And for 8 hours of material, it comes at a reasonable price, nonne?

Should you buy it, keep us posted, will ya? :wink:

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