Teodosivs - The "Great"??? I don't think so...

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Teodosivs - The "Great"??? I don't think so...

Postby L CLAVDIVS INVICTVS on Mon Sep 13, 2004 5:11 pm

Salvete Sodales!

The catastrophic defeat of the eastern army at Adrianopolis, suffered by “Emperator” Valens and the stupid campaign of “Emperator” Julianus across the Persian Empire, conducting the remains of the eastern army fulfilled with the newly and hasty recruited comitatenses and limitaneii, straight to Ctesifonte, was a foolish mistake!!! Mistake that was constantly avoided by Alexander – The Great...)). Of course Julianus was not Alexander, and the army could’nt be blamed for it...How you all can see, both disasters are suffered by the eastern army, so...
Those two defeats in that short lapse of time created a “defeatism era”, what affect baddly the roman minds. But, regardless that, the western army was almost intact by that time! So, how we could explain that after those two easterning army’s calamities what affect only the morale of the western army, just followed ( in a few decades, less than a century...) the falling of the WESTERN army, was whom loose the western part of the empire? I, L. Clavdivs Invictvs, blame Teodósius faint willpower, its tragic policy of accommodation of the Visighots in the inner tissue of the doomed empire and the use of Barbarian unity’s on his own Barbarian leaders!!! Oh! Access to Roman Logistics acquired with the upper ranks in the Roman Army granted by Barbarian leaders, was too a really “strategical mess up!!!!
What do you “mi frates” thinking about it? I’ll waiting for your opinions ( distinct or not )... :lol:


L. Clavdivs Invictvs

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