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On Scaurus

Postby Curio Agelastus on Thu Nov 25, 2004 2:48 pm

Salvete omnes,

I'd like to ask everyone their opinion on Marcus Aemilius Scaurus, that same man who was such a vehement opponent of Marius and who deprived Saturninus of the quaestorship.

It seems like modern opinion of the man is based almost entirely on moral speculation about a few of his actions. For instance, Matyszak says that he was ambitious, immoral, grasping and portrays even his appointment to the position of Princeps Senatus as a mere consolation prize. Sallust also doesn't seem to have a high opinion of the man. However, other historians have not quite such a low opinion of him, considering him to have been upright, noble and a conservative of the old style (as opposed to the new style Senate defenders like Sulla).

What does everyone here think of the man?

Bene valete,
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