Salvete, new amici; tell us a bit about yourselves! But this is no ordinary Intro forum; you will learn quite a bit about the rest of us too. >({|:-)

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Postby Anonymous on Sun Jul 01, 2007 9:31 pm


My name is Crassus. I am new to the forum and SVR. My main interests are Roman history, politics, philosophy and religion. In terms of history, I like to read about the Punic Wars and the period from the Sulla to the 'monarchy' established by Octavian.

My interest in the ancient Roman religion purely academic as I worship the God of the Christians. I am a supporter of maintaining the tridentine Latin mass (for aesthetic reasons- not theological). The similarities between the Roman Catholic and ancient Roman religion fascinate me and, at present, I am trying to tap into fresh insights on Catholicism by seeking to understanding both its Semitic and Roman origins.

I hope that I will get to know some of you well and make a small conribution to debates in the forvm.


Salve, Crasse!

Postby Valerius Claudius Iohanes on Wed Jul 04, 2007 12:16 am

Ave, Lucii Sergii Crasse. Good to have you here.

If I may speak for myself: The beauty of the SVR is the love of what was and is best of Roma ipsa in her broad history, the diversity of her various ages which is even reflected in the membership, and the friendly atmosphere that our sodales maintain here!

I hope you'll review the Collegia, the documenta there, and the various topics and threads of the Forum - and perhaps stir up up some interest and discussion.

Mihi multum placet tua imago!

Vale bene.
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