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Marching Through Time, Maryland (US), 19-20 Apr 08

PostPosted: Fri Mar 14, 2008 10:56 pm
by Aldus Marius
Salvete, amici Romani!

Too far East to make it to the Feriae Latinae? I have (well, actually, "Quintus", mka Matthew Amt of Legio XX, has) good news for you!


The annual Marching Through Time event is April 19-20 at Marietta Mansion, Glenn Dale, MD, with [reenactor] set-up on Friday the 18th along with school groups probably visiting.

For those who have not been to this event, it is a multi-period encampment with about 30 different groups spanning four thousand years of history. It is open to the public from 11 AM to 5 PM Saturday and Sunday, though participants should try to be there at least an hour before opening. Generally, parking is off-site with shuttle vans, and all cars must be out of the encampment area by about 9:30 AM on Saturday. No cars are allowed back in until after 5 on Sunday.

Reenactors: Remember that if you do not have all the clothing and gear you need, you will probably be able to borrow it if you let us know ahead of time. Contact Richard: richsc -at- usa -dot- net .

In amicitia et fide,

After-Action Review?

PostPosted: Wed Apr 23, 2008 7:08 am
by Aldus Marius
Salvete, amici Romani!

Did anyone go to this event? How was it? >({(:-)

In fide,