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A Review of the Feriae Latinae/Tornado Alley Roman Rally

PostPosted: Wed Apr 23, 2008 5:48 am
by Quintus Servilius Priscus
Priscus Omnibus sal.

The event was a GREAT success!! Even though the Feriae Latinae ceremony was not held due to Nova Roman Consul Horatianus not attending due to a urgent family matter I feel that it was very successful. I attended in my official capacity as a Curator of the Societas Via Romana and as a private citizen of Nova Roma. Also attending from the SVR was Aldus Marius Peregrine, our glorious SVR Webmaster. The Roman Way of Austin, TX who was hosting the event was represented by A. Moravia Aurelia ( who is also the Legata pro praetore of Nova Roma's America Austroccidentalis Province) and her husband Marcus Sempronius Sophus (who has three complete set's of Roman armor and other accessories at his house). Several other members of The Roman Way were also in attendance.

On the day of the event we had a dinner at Cannoli Joe's Italian Resturant at noon. We then went to A. Moravia Aurelia's home and walked to the University of Texas's Campus where we visited the Texas Tower and the Blanton Museum. The Museum has a small Antiquities room, a gallery of artist's casts of Classical statues and a selection of Roman coins (and more item's too numerous to mention). Later that evening we were served a traditional Roman meal (which was excellent by the way and also was my first Roman food).

All in all, I would say this was a outstanding event for fellow Roman's to get together. I hope more of these meetings between like minded Roman groups can take place. Hopefully, with more advanced planning we can hold another event next year.

Optime valete,

Re: A Review of the Feriae Latinae/Tornado Alley Roman Rally

PostPosted: Wed Apr 23, 2008 6:20 am
by Marcus Lupinius Paulus
Quintus Servilius Priscus wrote:Priscus Omnibus sal.

The Roman Way of Austin, TX who was hosting the event was represented by A. Moravia Aurelia ( who is also the Legata pro praetore of Nova Roma's America Austroccidentalis Province) and her husband Marcus Sempronius Sophus (who has three complete set's of Roman armor and other accessories at his house).

I can just imagine the drool on Marius face!

But I am glad the event went so well and that you enjoyed it. Maybe I will get to meet you some day at a similar get-together.

Oh, did you get any pictures?

Marcus Lupinius Paulus

Leaving nothing to the imagination!

PostPosted: Wed Apr 23, 2008 7:14 am
by Aldus Marius
Salvete amici!

Mi Lupini, you won't have to imagine the look on my face much longer; I've got pics!! Once I've reduced them to abject and utter submission, I'll post them. >({|;-)

In amicitia,

PostPosted: Wed Apr 23, 2008 10:45 pm
by Valerius Claudius Iohanes
Collegae - Shouldn't we post the Feriae Latinae news over in Roman Gatherings, under General, for all to read? It might result in a new sodalis or two.

- Iohannes

Uti rogas!

PostPosted: Thu Apr 24, 2008 4:55 am
by Aldus Marius
Salve iterum, mi Iohanne...

Of course we should!! I've been a little vexed by our, umm, slightly schizoid coverage of the Feriae happenings. As of this writing I owe an account of my experiences there to: this Forum; TRW's board; Servilius' Feriae Latinae blog; the Outpost, [Luperca], [The_Roman_Way], and at least a few other Roman e-lists that were aware of the event ([newroman] and [SCA_Romans] suggest themselves); possibly Mons Aventinus; and, eventually, the SVR Archives once I create them. Perhaps one of our dual members might contribute a page for it on the Nova Roma Wiki. Anywhere we announced it, people ought to know how it turned out!

But it's going to be a scramble just to post to all those venues...let alone with pics, or in two or three places apiece. We should settle on a spot. I do think the main part of our Feriae doings should be in Roman Gatherings, as this certainly was one such, and the first in many years that we've planned ourselves. >({|:-)

In amicitia, fide, et euphoria,

PostPosted: Thu Apr 24, 2008 5:26 pm
by Marcus Lupinius Paulus
I'll probably visit Roman Days this fall and will get some pictures if there are any Societas members there. Maybe we should also collect pictures of individual members doing things even if they are not official 'Roman events', like if a member dresses as a 'lost legionairy" for a fair. All Roman related activities of individual members can be archived if they wish.


PostPosted: Thu Apr 24, 2008 6:03 pm
by Quintus Servilius Priscus
Salvete Omnes,

I have moved this topic to Roman Gathering's so more people can read the review and comment on the event.

Sticky note

PostPosted: Sun Apr 27, 2008 6:14 am
by Aldus Marius
*Marius dashes in*

...Workin' on it!!

*Marius dashes out again* ===== (-:|})<

Marius' Excellent Adventure, pars I: Headin' Out

PostPosted: Tue Apr 29, 2008 7:05 am
by Aldus Marius
Salvete, amici Romani!

I came home from the Feriae to find that my brother was visiting town, so until Thursday I was enjoying his company--for the first time in seventeen years. That, and a state of happy exhaustion, have somewhat delayed my account of the goings-on in Texas. (And there y'all were, wondering how many Romans it would take to beat it out of me, huh? OK, OK, I'll share. The Answer Is: 42.) >({|;-)

Preparations for the event took an unexpected turn when Consul Piscinus informed us the week before that he would not be able to attend. He had done much of the planning, and *all* the arrangements for the worldwide Iovian observances. There was some hope that Iulius Severus, a Roman priest from Mexico City, would still be able to meet us, for the companionship if nothing else; and I was really hoping that someone, somewhere in our time-zone, would be able to pick up the torch--I'd have hated to break the ritual chain. But the responsibilities of Severus' government work kept him, too, at home; so the event shed its religious character and became, simply, a gathering of Roman friends.

Because of this, we were actually wondering what to call it. Curator Servilius has both "Feriae Latinae" and "Tornado Alley Roman Rally" on his blog, and I think the consensus was swinging towards the latter. But I remarked that the gathering was still being held on the announced dates for the Feriae, and that it was still a meeting of allies; so in its spirit, if not its particulars, it was still the Feriae Latinae to me.

So on Thursday the 17th, when I set out for Oklahoma City, it looked like it was going to be myself, Servilius and Aurelia for sure, with an uncertain number of TRW members joining us for Sunday lunch or dinner, and not an officially-Nova-Roman in sight. We didn't know for sure whether there'd still be a ceremony. But the prospect of meeting face-to-face with even a few fellow Romani propelled me south and west, through a severe thunderstorm, with too dang much Stuff in the back and one Brave Little Dog in the passenger seat.

(The Stuff: I was going to pack sensibly, really I was! But then I got to thinking that Aurelia might want to see This and Servilius might get a kick out of That and I certainly needed an example of The Other Thing for those who had never seen one. Moral: Do Not Pack in Show-and-Tell mode. If you are a Storyteller to begin with, have someone else pack for you.) >({|;-)

More later!

Marius' Excellent Adventure, pars II: Makin' Tracks

PostPosted: Wed Apr 30, 2008 7:13 am
by Aldus Marius
Salvete iterum, lectores; welcome to Pars II of our Feriae Saga!

On Friday morning, 18 April 2008, Quintus Servilius Priscus stepped off of the Internet and into my life. (Sounds like the intro to a novel, dunnit?) <g>

In typically-dishevelled Marius fashion, I had a few things in the motel laundry when he came to call, all ready to throw my Stuff in the back of his rental car and boogie on down the road. The sight of a large book-box, a medium dog-kennel and a 20-pound rolling backpack did not faze him in the least. We had to wait on my dryer-load anyway, so we had time to chat each other up, and for me to hand over our little box of promotional "printy stuff". Curli took to him about as well as she does to anyone on first acquaintance; id est, with lots of ferocious barking, followed by inspection and close surveillance. But her standoffishness could only last so long; an hour later we were all riding in the same vehicle, and she just had to get used to it. By our second rest-stop or so she and Priscus were old friends...except when she was trying to impress me. ]{;O)

We spent all of Friday travelling, talking about things Roman and mundane, and listening to mind-blowingly awesome music, mostly his. He had everything from Celtic to Chinese to Argentine infantry marches. Most notably, his collection included Somni Imperii ("Dreams of Empire"), the CD of reconstructed Roman music that soon-to-be-Curator Timavus posted about here in the Forum a couple of years back. WANT!!! My own offerings for the CD changer included Kitaro, B-Tribe, and some Andean favorites. We made excellent time to Austin, even taking Little Dog breaks and grab-and-go meals into account, and arrived as rush hour was winding down.

Not much to say about Friday night and Saturday; I spent most of it face-down on my mattress, except for that bleary-eyed half-hour I spent checking in here. We took Curli to her boarding-kennel Saturday morning; she likes road-trips, but not gatherings, so I'd arranged separate lodgings for her while the shindy was in-progress. On the way back we stopped at one of Austin's better malls for lunch and exploration. Other'n that, I was a blip. Which was just as well; it meant I was saving myself for Sunday...

More Later, with pics!

In fide,

Pars III: Romans Just Wanna Have Lunch!

PostPosted: Thu May 22, 2008 7:57 pm
by Aldus Marius
Salvete, Romani viatores!

I have been remiss in posting Pars III of this narrative. I have been remiss in a lot of things these last several weeks, online and off-; I attribute this chiefly to excitement having scrambled my brain even more than usual. (The computer virus I picked up last week didn't help.) But I'm here now; maybe not any more coherent, but hopefully worth the wait. >({|:-)

I awoke on Sunday morning feeling well-rested for the first time that trip. Servilius came to help me get checked out, chiefly by loading my Too Much Stuff back into the rental car. Our first order of business: to find Aurelia and the restaurant.

This turned out to be an adventure in itself. Neither of us knew town, neither of us had ventured further from our motels than across the highway (Servilius the Bold) or across the parking lot (Marius the Tired and Cranky). I'm still mixed up: Did we go too far south, or not far south enough? Did we give up just before or just after the turnaround? --Anyway, we *did* get there with some guidance, which just goes to show that sometimes Life does cut you a break.

The experience started being special when Aurelia led us to the hostess station and announced our reservation by saying, "We're Rome!" (I *so* wanted to add "Resistance is Futile!!") The banquet-room they'd set aside for us had place-settings for ten people. Aurelia'd been expecting seven; but her husband, M Sempronius Sophus, had to work at the University Sunday morning, so our party for lunch was six people.

And these worthies were...?

- Arnamentia Moravia Aurelia Coritana, NR Propraetrix of Provincia America Austroccidentalis, and founder of The Roman Way;
- Q Servilius Priscus, SVR Curator, NR Citizen and former NR Tribune of the Plebs;
- F Antili Oregensis, gladiator, TRW;
- High-school student and Roman Enthusiast Extraordinaire KuroNeko (his Forum handle; in Japanese it means "Black Cat"), who portrays a Senator for TRW;
- Maria, who, with Aurelia and Appius Iulianus Correus Apicius, does the bulk of the cooking for TRW's gigs;
- and that no-account Marius chap.

I made sure everyone got one of our business cards and the commemorative postcards I had printed up; Aurelia, as head of her group, was additionally blessed with one of ten SVR refrigerator magnets.

Once we'd all taken our pick of the (outstanding) buffet offerings, we fell to conversing like family at a reunion (minus the soap-opera moments!). Aurelia and Maria hashed out the fine points of the night's upcoming banquet; Kuro talked about Romanitas in a high-school setting; F Antilius has been investigating the use of gladiatorial training in a weight-loss program, and he was quite happy to share the results-thus-far with us, beginning with his own fine self. We touched only lightly on organisational matters; there'd be plenty of time for that the rest of the day. We were Romans together, sharing a meal, putting faces to names, learning each others' civilian "secret identities" like a bunch of superheroes. In such company, I was feeling pretty "super"!

Confession time: I had been a little nervous about this encounter. (A little? --Try "half-past frantic" in the week just prior!) It was my first Roman shindy since '99; but it was also the first social occasion, the first gathering of any size, that I've attended since my psychiatric episode six years ago. (My aural cognition went out the window that year, along with most of my Latin and 18 points of IQ.) There wasn't much danger of me climbing any walls; but I was sure I was going to embarrass myself one way or another--by saying something inappropriate; by not saying much of anything; by not getting the jokes. Believe it or not, because of this I almost didn't come...? But I kept reminding myself that I had known most of these people for between five and ten years, and everybody there liked the same sorts of things I did. I would be among friends. And so I was! >({|:-D

Next up: A walk, a talk, and surprises for me at the Museum. (Barring another virus nailing me or my 'puter, I won't be so tardy this time.)

In amicitia et fide,