Fabian warfare

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Fabian warfare

Postby Curio Agelastus on Mon Sep 27, 2004 11:51 pm

Salvete omnes,

A quick question: guerilla warfare in Roman times was, if I understand correctly, called Fabian warfare. Am I right in thinking this was named after Fabius Cunctator?

Also, aside from Sertorius, what are the best examples of Fabian warfare by Roman soldiers rather than by their enemies?

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Postby Horatius Piscinus on Tue Sep 28, 2004 3:16 am

Salve Curio

Em, the First and Second Samnite Wars were conducted as a series of raids. The First Macedonian War and the first phase of the Second Macedonian War were Fabian campaigns, and I would add Labienus' campaign against Caesar in the first phases of the African Campaign.

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