A flash of morning light

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A flash of morning light

Postby Venii on Thu Oct 05, 2006 4:41 am

Valetudo quod fortuna omnes;

I had a bit of inspiration at sunrise the other day; here's the result.

Valete - Venator

To Helios

Behold the Sun! Bless well the Flame!
For Sol has come, to light the world!
Enflame our souls, empower thoughts,
So that we all, will beat the Dark.

A slash of white, across the sun
As morning broke, the other day
It seemed a door, to other worlds
Beyond the ken, of mortal man

A beam shot down, burned at my feet,
It was intense, yet harmed me not,
A subtle voice, then called to me
Ascend, Oh Man, I'd talk to thee

My eyebrows raised, in much surprise
As before now, Olympians
Had been reserved, not called to me
Save once before, 'twas Minerva

I set my foot, upon the ray
And felt myself, lifted up high
Beyond the clouds, above the birds
Beyond the earth, into a Place

Gleaming white were, the walls and floors
And fiery gold, the roof above
Deep blue the rugs and draperies
And ebon were the furnishings

Before me stood, a tall figure
At first I thought, 'twas statue fine
But then he waved, me to take seat
I shivered though, the hall was warm

I took my place, and cup appeared
Near to my hand, on side table
The amber wine, within its depth
Had heady scent, which cleared my mind

This entity, which had called me
Reclined on couch, His eyes met mine
Took cup in hand, and raised it up
I followed suit, and raised my own

I have observed, oer many years
Beyond counting, from this high place
The words and deeds, of mortal man
The good he's done, and evils, too

Once, We did walk, amongst you plain
'Twas Golden Age, your sages wrote
We did enjoy, the interplay
Imortals can, gain from this, too

But Man grew grown, got new ideas
Of how to Live, and Worship give
So Golden Age, did turn to Sand
My Kin and I, withdrew from earth

The voices stilled, which Called our Names
And one by one, my fellow Gods
Did fall into, a deep, sound sleep
Until the time, new Songs were sung

Many eras, I watched alone
For Man has always, loved the Sun
My warmth in spring, which quickens plants
My light oer snows, to guide one's path

Whatever face, whatever Name
Each tribe would give, to me and mine
Part of you knows, What Name I have
Some forebears called, me Helios

The time has come, when Worlds grow near
And Elder Gods have come awake
For We do hear, the Voice of Man
Raised to our Names, giving new praise

And so I called, to you, Poet
To give you thanks, give you counsel
Your songs are heard, the others, too
We are Awake, will Walk again

He then took drink, and so did I
The amber wine,set me aflame
To write more words, and sing more songs
For this I know, is well and good

Gods' desire, nothing more than
Man to look on, Them for Counsel
To sing Their tales, and learn to be
Worthy of spark, of Godly Flame

He smiled then, and waved His hand
In brief farewell, I descended
To stand again, on good, green earth
To ponder deep, and write again

Behold the Sun! Bless well the Flame!
For Sol has come, to light the world!
Enflame our souls, empower thoughts,
So that we all, will beat the Dark.
In amicitia - Venii

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