a new disney movie on Greek mythology

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a new disney movie on Greek mythology

Postby Quintus Aurelius Orcus on Sun Nov 16, 2003 8:41 pm

If you click on the following link, you can read about the newest greek mythology movie that could be made by Disney.: http://www.cinescape.com/0/editorial.asp?aff_id=0&this_cat=Movies&action=page&type_id=&cat_id=270338&obj_id=40152
The short version: they are going to make a movie on the rise and fall of the Olympian Gods. The first movie will be about the war between Titans and Gods, the second will deal with humanity and the third movie in this trilogy of King of the Gods, will deal with the fall of the Olympian Gods because they were so arrogant. Zeus is the lead character in these films. Even though i'm curious what they will make of it, i'm not to thrilled about the proposed ending of the trilogy. It should also be said, that these movies are not in the style of Hercules and Xena.

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Graecos Disnicas??

Postby Aldus Marius on Tue Nov 18, 2003 12:47 am

To quote Bill the Cat (a thoroughly dissipated feline of the Bloom County comic-strip persuasion, whose chief talents seem to be incoherence and the spitting-up of world-class hairballs):


Hope they don't screw it up as bad as they did Hercules, which, among other faults of plotline (he goes to "Hero School"??), humor ("Who put the Glad in Gladiator?"), and art (everyone's a pinhead), is scored/soundtracked completely in that most Classical (**NOT!!!!**) of all musical genres...

...Southern American Gospel.

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