For Dea Vesta

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For Dea Vesta

Postby Anonymous on Fri Aug 12, 2005 2:37 am

A Sestina dedicated to Dea Vesta
(on the Kalends of March)

by A.A. Celetrus

Dea Vesta, gentle energy of life,
Forcefully standing at the focus of Earth,
You sustain the sanctity of my home,
My body, and the workings of my mind.
It is Your eternal, vivifying flame
That births humanitas, and guards my health.

First born yet youngest, was it for our health
That You turned a blind eye when the Giver of Life,
Prometheus, brought Your loving flame
With such defiance to the children of Earth?
Surely You knew Your warmth would free our Mind
And prepare us for Your own gift of the Home.

With the Lar and Penates of this, my home,
You receive day-welcoming thanks for the health
And cocooning safety Your gift gives my mind.
Aquilo clamors, chilling rains dampen life
While homeless larvae jealously prowl the Earth,
But I am preserved by Your mild, gentle flame.

Gratias Tibi ago, Goddess of Flame!
For You and the tutelary spirits of home
Give me the strength to harvest the fecund earth.
Crossing my threshold daily, striving for health,
Wealth and honor, my home bastions my life.
Perhaps Your greatest gift is peace of mind.

On this Kalends, in wiser times, when the Mind
Of All loved You fully, Your eternal flame
Was rekindled in Time. Another year’s life
Began its sacred round on this larger Home
Of All – the blessed, bounteous source of health
That we should respect as our Mother – the Earth.

But every day, when Aurora flies to Earth,
I light again my love for You in my mind.
Your sustaining power bolsters my health,
While the terror of the Void flees Your flame.
For there is no Emptiness that’s not Your home,
And throughout the Universe You bring Life.

Vesta Mater, we thank You. Your flame on Earth
Has brought us health, the comforts of home,
Leisure for the mind, and a share of the Blessed Life.

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