On the name of this Collegium

This collegium and forum are dedicated to the study, discussion, re-creation and application of classical Roman and Greek religion and philosophy.

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On the name of this Collegium

Postby A. Gratius Avitus on Thu Jul 06, 2006 6:00 pm

Avitus collegis optimis suís S·P·D

I'm just writing briefly, as an accomplished Latin philologist, to advise you that the name of this collegium as it now stands in the Forum Index, namely "Collegium Religionem et Philosophiarum", is incorrect Latin under any standards, and in order to avoid the scorn of any Latin speaker for the intellectual quality of its business should be immediately changed to "Collegium Religionis et Philosophiae". Thank you ever so much for your attention.

Curate ut valeatis optime!
A. Gratius Avitus

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