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Roman art in general
  • Overview of Roman art: I : Introduction - II : Architecture - III : Portrait Sculpture - IV : Narrative Relief - V : Painting -
    Broad overview of Roman architecture, portrait sculpture, narrative relief and painting
    by P Dionysius Mus
  • Pliny, book XVIII (image, 197 kb)
    Original illuminated page, depicting chapter XVIII of Plinius Maior's Naturalis Historiae
    by M Horatius Piscinus
  • Aesculapius (image, 200 kb)
    Another illumination, presenting an antidote for venomous bites, also from the Naturalis Historiae
    by M Horatius Piscinus
Roman writers and artists Monuments and buildings Roman sciences and para-sciences
  • Astrology in Antiquity: I : Aries - II : Taurus - III : Gemini - IV : Cancer - V : Leo - VI : Virgo
    Mythological, classical and modern meaning of the zodiac signs
    by Xanthippe Helia Allegra
  • The Solar System
    Scientific and symbolical meaning of the solar system.
    by Gn Dionysius Draco
Mythologies and creative writing
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