Ludi Societatis: Gambling

First things first: for this part, you have to be a member of the SVR. It's free, to what the heck can stop you from becoming a member now? Right!

Anyway, this section caters to the most greedy among us. Sure, everyone likes to watch (or, in our case, imagine) a brutal circus race taking place, but earning denarii while doing it... Man, that's something. So, how does this stuff work?
  • Each member of the Societas has a starting capital of 500 denarii. You can't go below zero. If you reach zero, you will be barred from betting until the end of the calendar year.

  • Aediles will be barred from betting.

  • You can bet on a maximum of four charioteers.

  • If the racer(s) of your choice don't survive the first rounds up until the semis, you don't gain anything and lose your money.

  • The amount of money wagered is divived in two, and then equally among the sodales who betted on the winning player.

  • The amount of money wagered is divided in four, and then equally among the sodales who betted on the the charioteer that came second.

  • Twenty percent, rounded down, is taken from the total amount of money wagered, and is divived among those who betted on the racer that came third in the finals.

  • The rest is divided among those who betted on the fourth racer in the finals.

  • To make a bet, e-mail one of the magister ludorum. Clearly mention the amount of money, your Roman name and on who you are betting.

  • The minimum amount of denarii to bet is 25.

For the ludi Romani, 0 denarii have been wagered in total for those ludi.
406 denarii remain unclaimed.

The amount of denarii bet per charioteer (to read more about the charioteer's statistics go back to the main ludi page):

factio Albata
  • Bibax (0 denarii)

  • Damnator (0 denarii)
factio Aurata
  • Publius Decius Robur (0 denarii)

  • Indutiomarus (0 denarii)

  • Morgareth (0 denarii)
factio Praesina
  • Hannibal (0 denarii)

  • Victorinus (0 denarii)

  • Trophimus (0 denarii)
factio Purpurea
  • Romulus (0 denarii)

  • Rufus Pavor (0 denarii)
factio Russata
  • Callidus (0 denarii)

  • Maximus (0 denarii)

  • Phaethoon (0 denarii)
factio Veneta
  • Caesar (0 denarii)

  • Juba Bane (0 denarii)

  • Myrtilos (0 denarii)

  1. Quintus Pomponius Atticus (943 denarii)
  2. Tiberius Dionysius Draco (605 denarii)
  3. Marcus Scribonius Curio (450 denarii)
  4. Primus Aurelius Tergestus (350 denarii)
  5. Ariadne Dionysia Veneta (300 denarii)
  6. Marcus Moravius Horatius Piscinus (236 denarii)
  7. Publius Dionysius Mus (155 denarii)
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