Ludi Societatis 2756
2756 AUC (or 2003 CE) was the first year in which the Societas Via Romana organised virtual ludi circenses. It resurrected the four classic factiones and also revived the two short-lived factiones under the reign of Domitianus. As such, the six teams engaged in a fierce battle over the domination of the season. Although the legendary Purple driver, Romulus, achieved five victories, it was eventually Damnator of factio Albata who became champion. Factio Albata also was the best factio of 2756.

The calendar of 2756:The first chariot races in SVR, with spectacular defeats and Romulus of factio Purpurea as winner after a heated, exciting final. All factiones represented in the races from the start!The Ludi Latini, coinciding with the ancient feriae Latiniae, are the first real races in which the ten charioteers from the first edition can test their metal against one another. With a surprising difference between one extremely violent semi and a very calm semi the winner, again, is Romulus of factio Purpurea!In honour of the foundation of Rome this time 12 competitors battle it out in the circus for the title of temporary champion, with one extra statistics point as grand prize. Factio Russata and Purpurea once again face off but in the end Purpurea increases its lead: Romulus wins again! Factio Aurata begins to show signs of weakness and has very, very bad races.Ludi held to honour the foundation of SVR! Romulus appears to be dethroned by a resurrected factio Aurata, who appear out of nothing with a new champion and vice-champion, Morgareth and PD Robur, respectively. Each factio gains ground and gains speed. Bad races for factio Veneta and Purpurea. Both do not make it past the first round. Read about the aftermath of Romulus' tragic accident here.Brutal and violent quarters lead into surprisingly peaceful semis and an exhilarating final. Damnator of Factio Albata grasps his first victory. Romulus and Morgareth are already reduced to splinters in the quarters but Aurata is strong enough to still make a good impression. Debut of the impressive Victorinus, second player for factio Praesina. Again, bad races for factio Purpurea and Veneta.Ludi Appolinares! In ancient Rome this was a very big festival spread over several days, it did not only include chariot races and gladiatorial bouts (munera) but also coincides with the Panathanaea and has several important religious connotations. The Ludi Apollinares saw the triumphant return of Romulus, achieving his fourth victory. Damnator came second. Again, extremely bad results for factio Veneta. Factio Russata also had very poor results.Damnator of factio Albata dominates this race completely and achieves his second victory. All other potential champions in the making had a traumatic exit or were delivered crushing defeats. Veneta continues to muddle on and it's become clear that the battle for first spot in the individual rankings will be fought between Damnator and Romulus. From now, gambling is also possible.Factio Russata achieves its first victory. All Reds are in the semis but eventually it's Maximus who wins the finals. Factio Aurata and Purpurea remain stable and keep threatening the leadership position of Albata and Damnator. It's clear that the Blues nor the Greens will win this year, despite some hopeful results for the Greens up until now.An exhilarating end of the racing season! Romulus confirms his supremacy but in the end it is still Damnator who becomes champion of the year, beating Purple by two points difference. Newcomer Pericolosus makes a devastating impression and helps Albata become champion of the factiones as well! Russata rises to be second while Aurata disappoints a little. Factio Veneta are the great losers of 2756.
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