Mesopotamian/Sumarian inventions

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Mesopotamian/Sumarian inventions

Postby Quintus Aurelius Orcus on Fri Sep 27, 2002 12:06 pm

This is yet another part of my essay on Sumeria: Inventions. The next part is about writings and religion. Since I'm kind of busy with seevral art projects for school i can't find enough time to translate the rest of the essay and would appreciate it if anyone stepped forward to translate the text from dutch to English. From the beginning they knew of the existence of the use of copper for knives and for other decorative uses, next to the polished stones work tools. The earliest metallurgy in the form of copper showed up around the 7 millennia BC, as a counteraction to the use of pottery ovens for the baking earthwork in the area of Northern Iraq, Iran and Anatolia and would later spread across Europe in the 5th and 4th millennia BC. It is also possible that the copper metallurgy independent developed in certain regions like the Balkan and in certain areas of Southwest Asia. Because copper is a relative soft material, it use was limited until the late 4th millennia something was invented. They discovered that copper with arsine and in a latter stadium alloying it with tin. The bronze that was created was harder than copper and could be used for weapons and other stuff. Where it was first created is uncertain but the oldest bronze objects date back of South- Mesopotamia. Thus here and later over the rest of the world the Bronze Age began around 3000 BC and with it also the first written records. An organized society with a good education wasn't that far away any more. It were the first steps to a urban society. Because these cities offered the required concentration of population by which further specialization of labour was possible and made space to inventions and renewal Writings meant a direct end to the prehistory and the actual history based upon written records began. In prehistoric times you don't have written records so you have to rely on archeology to find out what happened in those times.
Through writing one could imagine what the people thought of their world than. By this we know of names of their citizens, kings, priests, warriors and gods.At first it was still primitive but soon evolved into a syllable writing of about 600 signs who in principle depicted each syllable.
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