Double Feature Roman Week! 1-2 and 8-9 Nov 08 (TX, US)

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Double Feature Roman Week! 1-2 and 8-9 Nov 08 (TX, US)

Postby Aldus Marius on Thu Mar 13, 2008 6:09 am

Salvete, amici Romani!

The Roman Way, our host for the Feriae Latinae, announces its two major events of the reenactor season: the Austin Celtic Festival (ACF) one weekend, and Texas Renaissance Festival's "Roman Bacchanal" the next. Two-for-one--I am *so* there!! >({|8-D


The Announcement:

Hey everyone,

The dates for Austin Celtic Festival and Texas Ren. Fest. Roman weekend have been set:

* Austin Celtic Festival is November 1st and 2nd.

* The Texas Ren. Fest "Roman Bacchanal" weekend is November 8th and 9th this season.
[Ed. note: Veteran's Day weekend!]

That means Legion Ten will be able to make both events without having to split up like we did last year.


- M Sempronius Sophus


The Background:

The Austin Celtic Festival is TRW's signature event. I haven't been yet, but as I understand it their military arm started out as the "token Romans" at an event dominated by Iceni, Catuvellauni, Allobroges and other "good neighbors". <g> Seems the Legions put up a good fight that first time (no surprise to anyone here, I hope); and, the Celts having a fine aesthetic appreciation of a truly worthy opponent, they just kept inviting Rome back. (I half-expect Obelix to leap out from behind a tree and try to add my galea to his helmet collection!)

The TRW Forum has a really good thread about last year's ACF: should give us a better idea of what we'd do there and how to make it happen.

I'm in a much better position to speak of the Texas Renaissance Festival; I've been going every year I could get to it since 1983. (A friend of mine, Q Aurelius Alastrius, runs a jewelry-making booth there, and always invites me for my birthday weekend.) So I've got a little history with the event. I made my first inquiries about having armor made there in 1991. The last time I went was in '98, and I was still one of only three Romans to attend in the entire six-weekend run.

But apparently things have changed! They now have a Roman-themed weekend, and even on the other weekends there are regular march-throughs performed by the Legionaries in attendance. Not just whoever they can scrape together, either: The troops are an official part of the program. Ahh, company...and reinforcements; the next time I get hauled into a tavern by a smitten Gypsy princess (really happened), I'll have barracks-mates to haul me back out again!! long as it's going to take me a week to drive down there, I might as well *stay* a week and hit both Happenings. Anyone who's just dying to meet me will more likely find me in Austin and Houston that week than anywhere else, anywhen. >({|:-)

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