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Postby Marcus Lupinius Paulus on Fri May 01, 2009 3:09 am

OOC: Death In Pompeii is the easiest and shortest RPG in the world! I designed it to accomodate people who are busy, and those who might otherwise join a regular RPG and then unexpectedly vanish {muct to the chagrin of the other players}.

Each player in DIP writes only one post; a description of your character's death in the catastrophe of Pompeii. You character does not have to die in the city of Pompeii itself. Outside the city or even in another town like Herculaneum is equally acceptable. All your character has to do is die.

Simple, eh?
IC: Marcus Lupinius Paulus was enjoying himself at the games in Pompeii. Little did he know that in less than a 5 minutes he would be as dead as the gladiator he had just seen decapitated in the circus! For as he saw the severed head roll away from the shoulders, the mountain exploded.

The noise was almost deafening, but Paulus could hear the terrified screams of the citizens in the ampitheater, but being quick of feet, he at once got up and ran out of the building. The blast of hot air had struck the city, the sky instantly had grown dark with smoke and falling debris, and the air was becoming difficult to breathe. Coughing, he staggered out of the entrance next to a large 20 foot statue of Mars.
"What has happened?" he exclaimed to no one in particular. The scene was chasos as men and women were running terrified in all directions. And it was at that moment Paulu s heard the ominous sound...a groaning-like sound of a large object coming loose.....

He spun around at the sound. And then, his eyes opened wide as he stood transfixed and paralyzed by terror, he saw the massive statue of Mars falling foward, down upon him!

Paulus vainly held up his hands in front of his face as if he could by so doing stop the falling statue from crushing him.

As Paulus was squashed beneath the monsterous idol, his blood splashed upward, painting the sides of the statue in crimson, and splattering unfortunate passersby.
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Death at the Ludus Gladiatorum

Postby Cleopatra Aelia on Sun May 03, 2009 6:54 pm

Scorpio, the thraex, was sitting shackled in the ergastulum at the ludus in the quadriporticus behind the grand theater. He was angry that his magister (gladiator trainer) had ordered him here because of some insubordination he, Scorpio supposedly had done yesterday during the final training. He hadn't done anything, was just not feeling that good in shape and hence not practising as well. But his magister had a dislike for Scorpio the good looking and smart gladiator and therefore took every chance to punish Scorpio. Because of this he missed now fighting at the amphitheater, he had been scheduled to fight today in the second to last fight. Now he was wondering if the audience would be angry when they notice that we wouldn't appear in the arena today because it had been announced that he was about to fight.

While he was brooding over this unfortune of his and yanking angrily on the chain he suddenly heard a loud rumbling and a little bit later it seemed that people were screaming but he couldn't make out any clear noises in his prison. After a while, the rumbling continued, he thought that he heard people coming into the ludus and he yelled:

"Hey there, get me outta here! I'm in here, in the ergastulum! Hey, can you hear me!"

He was screaming frantically because suddenly he had the feeling that the ergastulum wasn't a safe place at all. When he heard something continously falling onto the roof he had the strong urge to run away but of course he couldn't bound as he was. He couldn't even stand upright in this stinking hole. He screamed again but had the feeling that the air got stickier and although he didn't do much except for screaming he noticed that it wasn't so easy to breathe. But it was different than the feeling he had after a hard and long training day. Then the roof fall down and in a last reflex Scorpio crouched together and covered his head with his hands. Soon he was covered by debris and lava ashes.
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That Poor Chained Dog...

Postby Aldus Marius on Thu May 07, 2009 5:48 am

...'Nuff said.
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Postby Valerius Claudius Iohanes on Thu Mar 11, 2010 11:44 pm

Decius Valerius looked around. Pompeii - what a place! It suited him well.

Sitting outside of the taberna, he eyed the slave taking care of his horse, and cocked an eyebrow up in reluctant approbation. "Knows what he's about," he murmured to himself.

It had been a longer than usual trip here to Pompeii, but it was worth it. The deal with those Sicilian buyers had worked out well; with so much gold on him, he would have to keep a low profile, but that wouldn't be too hard. Yes - his life was his own - it was all clear sailing ahead, now.

As he pondered the question of which house of pleasure he would stop at first, he felt something. It felt wrong. Decius looked about. "There it is again," he thought.

It was a tremor - his bench was trembling - and then he saw the taberna's rafters start to quake. "Now, that's a bad omen, I'd be willing to bet." And then the shouts and the screaming began, and Decius realized that Pompeii may not have been the best resort he could have chosen....
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