Openly Heathen Elected Councilman in New York City

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Openly Heathen Elected Councilman in New York City

Postby C.AeliusEricius on Thu Nov 12, 2009 7:54 pm

He is Norse Heathen, Theodist. And he is a REPUBLICAN. (I still get an evil chuckle out of that.) Here is one article about him, with some other links.

from "The Wild Hunt" online Heathen magazine:
In a final note, it seems that monotheistic faiths don’t like their forms of animal sacrifice being equated with, well, you know, animal sacrifice. Ever since press have reported that Theodism, and now-famous adherent of Theodism, New York City Councilman Dan Halloran, occasionally partake in a ritual animal sacrifice (in which the animal is then eaten) the Republican councilman has been trying to put the practice in a context people might understand. Before the election he equated it with kosher butchering, which made a Democratic Jewish supporter of his opponent all but call him a Neo-Nazi. Then, after the election, he equated it with the Greek Orthodox tradition of roasting a whole spring lamb on Easter. That got him in trouble with New York’s first Greek-American elected official, Assemblyman Michael Gianaris (a Democrat).

“If Dan Halloran feels the need to explain his religious beliefs to the public, that’s his business. In doing so, he should not mischaracterize the faith of thousands of his new constituents … Easter lamb roasts have absolutely nothing to do with the religious animal blood sacrifices practiced by Dan Halloran. Dan Halloran must immediately apologize to the Greek Orthodox community for his offensive comments as should anyone who is associated with him.”

So, for the record, when an Abrahamic tradition ritually slaughters and eats an animal it is not animal sacrifice. It is only animal sacrifice when Heathens (or possibly Santeros) do it. As for Halloran, he seems done trying to explain his faith to outsiders.

“The fact that my religious beliefs are not mainstream or are not part of what popular culture would consider the norm should have no bearing on my issues.”

Something tells me that despite Halloran’s wishes this isn’t the last I’ve heard of this issue, or the last his opponents will attempt to use his faith against him.

from some NYC thing: ... _faith.php

from a religion mag: ... om_closet/

From "Red Alert" which looks like some sort of pagan mag:

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- He bid them look at the sky and lift their faces to the stars.
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Re: Openly Heathen Elected Councilman in New York City

Postby Valerius Claudius Iohanes on Mon Nov 16, 2009 7:40 pm

Hmmm. One of those non-issues that people will exclaim and clamor and react over, speaking at cross-purposes without understanding. Lends itself very well to politic feuds.
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