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Living Roman Polytheism in Practice

PostPosted: Tue Mar 23, 2010 5:02 am
by Spurius Mamilius Lucanus
For those of you who practice a form of the Religio Romana (not necessarily strict reconstructionism) and identify as a Roman Pagan or Polytheist, would you care to share some of your personal domestic practices or maybe ancient Roman festivals you have observed? Recently, I set up an altar on the Liberalia (17th) for Ceres, Father Liber, and Libera. Currently, I still have an altar set up honoring Minerva for the Quinquatria (for 5 days ending tomorrow). Now that I have the space, I will be doing this more often for various Gods (but not for every single ancient Roman festival!) in addition to my regular lararium that is permanent. I am using the modern calendar dates for these festivals, however I feel that the symbolism of the moon phase in the older Roman calendar is significant in some cases. So, for example, the first full moon every month is for Father Jupiter and the 15th ("new Ides") is for the God honored that particular month (ie. Mars in March).

Re: Living Roman Polytheism in Practice

PostPosted: Tue May 25, 2010 1:19 pm
by Caeia Julia Regilia
Salve Amicus

It sounds like a great idea.
But when would you celebrate the Dei with no month? I feel the call to return to the Dei Romanorum after a fling with Babylonian Ilu. They're interesting, and I do have somewhat of a connection with Sapshu/Shamash who may be known as Helios in Greek. At any rate good luck, Frater.