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Postby Anonymous on Wed Mar 14, 2007 9:42 pm

Xairete kai Salvete

I would like to let everyone know about Anamathêtês, a list intended for those who want to learn (or re-learn) ancient Greek.

We are about to start another study section for beginners over on Anamathetes, and I have some new things to report.

This group began in 2003, but has gone through a few format changes since then, which we hope will make things better for perspective students.

Anamathêtês was founded because a number of Hellenic polytheists expressed an interest in acquiring the ancient Greek language, and so my co-moderator Via and I hoped to facilitate that in a community of like-minded individuals.

Anamathêtês is a study group that uses an online Greek course, developed by Dr. Dora Pozzi at the University of Houston, to learn ancient Greek. It's geared toward everyone, both beginners and returning students.

We study both Attic, the language of Classical Athens, and koine, the closely related 'common' language of the Christian scriptures and other relatively late texts. Since all of the course materials are available online free-of-charge, there is no need to purchase a textbook; this course is entirely free.

Homework problems will be assigned individually to each student to be posted to a special list with some formatting so they can be collated and then sent to the larger Anamathetes list. There members will then comment on each other's work, and answer questions asked by their fellow students.

Some discussion questions will also be posted to the list for each lesson in order to promote group discussion.

In addition there will be a few Yahoo Messenger chats for each Lesson, in which we will go over grammar concepts and cover selective homework problems from the lessons and quizzes.

If you cannot attend the chats, the logs will be made available to you.

This mixed format, with homework collations, discussion and chats, should accommodate the needs of most students.

We have 13 new students signed up so far and I would like to extend this opportunity to new students interested in learning Greek.

I am hoping some of you will take us up on our latest Greek study group.

You may go check out the course first to see if you are interested. ... ateway.htm

If you wish to participate you can then go over to Yahoo groups and request an invitation.

Please include a legal first and last name when you do.

You may always go by a list name or alias on the list itself if that is your preference.

You will also need to give your moderator 3 initials for the collations, and you will need to sign up for Yahoo Messenger and send me your YM Id for the chats.

Please include all of this information in your initial request to join the group as it will save me much needed time and ensure that we get started studying that much sooner.

best all,

Karen, moderator at Anamathetes.

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